Dalibor Belic
Dalibor Belic

Dalibor Belic


TECH SKILLS: Full-stack Development, React Native, MongoDb, PostgreSQL, NodeJS, GraphQL, Next, Python, Adobe package…

SOFT SKILLS: time management, leadership, assertiveness, teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, entrepreneurship.

LANGUAGES: English – C2, German – B2, Hungarian, Portuguese, Swedish – B1, 
Serbian/Croatian – Native 


Even as a child, I refused to sit still in the classroom and instead, I was compelled to do something, create, inspire, and be inspired. Each time I saw an opportunity, I did my best and went for it. Such an approach has gotten me this far, and it makes me motivated to continue working even harder. 

Curiosity has been the most significant force behind all of my endeavours. Since childhood, my schedule has been packed: regular school, language school, music school, and sports. That diversity suited me. Eventually, I became aware that a generalist personality is what I resemble.

Dropping out of Uni seemed to many as a wrong decision. It wasn’t easy to come from a country where even a marginal deviation from “accepted” is referred to as foolish. For me, dropping out was crucial. Formal education was holding me back. Further continuing my studies, spending more time on dull, irrelevant courses made me feel empty and useless. I wanted to create, solve problems, explore the world, and be beneficial to society. 

Nothing is more capable of turning vision into reality as talent combined with passion is. Everyone is a different, unique piece of the puzzle called spacetime. We need to learn to embrace what is already inside people (us)! Unfortunately, the schooling system often fails there. So was in my case. There are no bad students, only inadequate systems. Combining YouTube with MOOCs, blogs, and books, I found my perfect learning solution. 

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Deep understanding of people, not just consumers
  • Understanding business and all its segments
  • Knowledge of new technologies and the ability to predict trends


FULL NAME: Dalibor Belic
LOCATION: Stockholm, Sweden

PHONE: (+46) 73-829 14 42
EMAIL: dalibor@kulturniautomat.com