Dalibor Belic
Dalibor Belic

Dalibor Belic

Welcome to my professional hub!

I’m Dalibor Belic, a seasoned software developer passionate about creating innovative solutions and driving strategic projects. With years of experience in full-stack development, AI research, and leading cross-functional teams, I’ve honed my skills in the tech industry’s technical and managerial aspects. My journey has taken me from founding a successful startup to working with global clients, always with a focus on delivering high-impact, user-centric solutions.

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Product Manager:

  1. Taking Any Problem and Developing a Strategy:
    • Developing a strategy to resolve problems
    • Breaking down complex problems into solvable chunks
    • Understanding the difference between vision, mission, and strategy.
  2. Executing and Getting Things Done:
    • Building a roadmap that everyone is aligned behind
    • Setting and hitting deadlines
    • Ruthlessly unblocking blockers
    • Learning from others who are good at shipping.
  3. Leadership Through Influence:
    • Building trust with teammates
    • Making decisions while giving everyone a voice
    • Keeping morale up
    • Fostering a culture within the team.
  4. Making Decisions Informed by Data:
    • Using clear principles and hard data to make decisions
    • Ensuring decisions are made, whether by the PM, the team, or stakeholders
    • Being open to changing one’s mind given new information.
  5. Always Being Prepared:
    • Being detail-oriented
    • Being more prepared than others
    • Having a higher bar than those around you
    • Building an “I got this” aura.
TECH SKILLS: Generative AI, RAG, OpenAI, HuggingFace, LangChain, React, React Native, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, NodeJS, Nest.JS, REST API, GraphQL, Next.JS, Python…
LANGUAGES: English – C2, German – B2, Hungarian, Portuguese, Swedish – B1

Serbian/Croatian – Native


FULL NAME: Dalibor Belic
LOCATION: Lund, Sweden

PHONE: (+46) 76-634 74 08‬
EMAIL: dalibor@kulturniautomat.com